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Wine is made to drink — Wine sayings

Wine Sayings
Wine Sayings

Despite this meaning apparent obviousness, the search for truth in wine leads many far away from the noble product. Wine sayings – Wine is made to drink.

Describing the origin of the wine, the collection value, the talented designer of the label, even the best tasters sometimes do not take a sip. Thus, we set a terrible example for consumers and take a step towards baseless speculation.

Let’s not forget that, first of all, wine is a food product. It has many benefits that, when consumed in moderation, brighten our lives and even improve our health.

Secondly, wine is a socializing product. That is, it helps to overcome loneliness in our scattered time. Sharing a glass of wine with a friend or loved one, you share the sensations and become closer. But do not forget: if you are not at work, you will still have to drink.

Wine Sayings – Wine is made to eat

Alas, this is a fact – you need to have a snack. And you should not forget about it, too, for at least two reasons. First, drinking without a snack means disrupting the acid-base balance and condemning yourself to a quick visit to the doctor. Secondly, wine helps the absorption of nutrients and trace elements in our food. By giving up wine, we devalue not only our taste but also our food.

Wine is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet. By the way, the Mediterranean diet in the UNESCO heritage list. This fact is as immoral as drinking without a snack. Well, the fact that white wine can be served not only with fish, and red – not only with meat. The founding fathers of wine and gastronomy proved this theory several decades ago.

Wine still life
Wine snack

It’s Not Harmful to Mix – Wine Sayings 

Just like dreaming. During the tasting, especially when combined with lunch, do not hesitate to give free rein to your imagination and build an ideal set of samples. If the wine is of high quality and the measure is observed, you should not be afraid of the consequences. There are a few rules to follow regarding the order in which you can arrange your samples for a comparative tasting.

According to which samples in ascending order are the crescendo, the most proven principle is a saturation of color and aroma and alcohol and sugar content, however, in aromatic and floral shades, as well as milligrams of anything per liter. Especially in the conditions of modern liberalism and permissiveness, it is elementary to get confused. That is why in controversial cases, the “crescendo principle” is formed a little differently: “Each next sample should not make the taster regret that the previous glass is already empty.”

Suppose you resisted the temptation and did not finish your glasses to the bottom by the tasting end. You can get up the courage and put together your own absolutely author’s assemblage.


Wine Sayings – 1 + 1 = 1

The combination of two or more samples gives a harmonious and unified whole – a new wine. The latest wine must be superior to each of the original portions.

Assemblage can work wonders: smooth out rough edges, round corners, create new aromatic accords, and open portals to new dimensions. How this happens is not very clear, but not once, and not two annoying bitterness or some other annoying nuance of taste or aroma. These factors could not be removed from the wine by any pasting, suddenly did not disappear after a precisely predictable assemblage.

The assembly creates a unique texture of the wine. What a pleasure then, during the wine tasting, to observe the velvety structure of the drink.

Great Wine Ends First – Wine Sayings 


The godfather of modern wine criticism, Hugh Johnson, has been credited with several guilt statements. One of them is to the question – which wine can be called the greatest? The answer was: invite a group of good friends to visit and open a few test bottles of wine for them. Just leave these bottles along with your guests and enter the room in a few minutes. The wine that ends first will be the greatest. The effectiveness of this method has more than once had to be convinced. At a wide variety of tastings and parties, with audiences of varying preparation levels, the best wines end up the fastest.

True, the same Hugh Johnson once said another wine statement: there are no great wines, but there are great bottles. Each bottle has its destiny and unique character, becoming more and more special with each passing year. Alas, the assessment of wine is relevant only when tasting, relentlessly losing its relevance over time.

Wine Sayings  – Reject Prejudice

The tasting experience will one day make you realize how significant human bias is. Wine from the same bottle tasted “blindly” and “openly” usually receives radically different evaluations. Very famous wine critics and very respected winemakers have come across this.

Even the shape of a bottle can be a straw that our inflamed brains grab onto in search of truth. He taster should be left alone with the wine, like a swimmer on the river bank. 

Wine teaches humility

Wine sayings – Wine teaches humility, one of the sacred symbols of Christianity. It became the embodiment of, perhaps, the main Christian virtue of humility – wine. Only a humble servant of the wine cult will be able to walk the thorny path of comprehension. A humble winemaker will not lose his faith, hope, and love despite lousy weather, misunderstanding, and environmental crises. Only a modest taster will find the courage to judge wine after a fatal mistake. The humble wine connoisseur will be able to walk the slippery road of the loyal consumer. Simultaneously, do not lose devotion to wine between lack of money, family scenes, and a hangover.

Time does not heal everything

Wine aging
Maturation of wine

This wine needs several more years – this wine saying is not the most convincing excuse in a modern winemaker’s mouth. Such an excuse took place thirty years ago. At that time, aging in new oak barrels and other micro-oxidation methods were not yet widely used to soften tannins.

Putting a bottle of “serious” red in the cellar for ten years was considered a necessity and a sign of good taste. But this did not always help. Many harvests did not wait for their finest hour, year after year approaching the vinegar state without acquiring a velvety structure. The tannins are softened on the vine as the grapes ripen. Unripe green tannins remain drying and bitter.

Youth is not a vice

What the wine sayings speak about are young wines. Nowadays, many wine connoisseurs prefer young wines and do not hesitate to talk about them. Many were able to confirm the principle “The best wines are good already in their youth” by visiting the Bordeaux wine tasting “en primeur.” The feeling of silk and happiness from the young Lafite could not be forgotten for a long time.

Don’t be afraid of the dark

 It is a wine saying about the darkness for the benefit of wine. The night of the cellar is not frightening because it protects the peace of the ripening wine. What saves the vines from heat and balances the ripening of the grapes, of course, is the darkness of a fantastic night. It is better to pick grapes in the dark, as is done in some European farms, which even give out night vision devices to their pickers.

The dark ruby and dark garnet shades are most desirable because they promise the taster a depth of aroma and taste. With wine in general, the darker, the better. A bitter “taste of light” is recognized as a defect in the wine, and too bright a light source can kill the wine.

Wine drinks
Wine at sunset

Let there be light!

Wine sayings “Let there be light!” says that the ripening of grapes depends on the amount of light. Each leaf is a small solar cell, on which both sugar accumulation and final ripeness depend. The yield rate in the vineyard must be adjusted with the help of the leaf cover. This enology came only in the XX century. This forced the world’s leading wineries to rethink their agro-technical strategy. By the way, the fact that “the vine must suffer” for the sake of outstanding harvests in the era of the New Wine Enlightenment has ceased to be a common truth.

Winemaking does not always lead to bankruptcy

Red Wines
Wines & Grapes

Well-known humorous wine sayings on how to become a millionaire in winemaking. It reads: “If you are a billionaire, buy a vineyard, build a winery, and in a few years, you will be a millionaire.” The bitterness of losing six figures should not distract us from the many success stories rich in the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. The number of billionaires investing in winemaking, despite this sarcastic joke, is still growing steadily.

Some big capitalists regard investment in winemaking as a payment for an expensive toy or a membership fee in an elite club. But still, the most prominent part over time comes to an understanding of the essence of long-term investment and comprehension of the eternal values of civilization.

You deserve champagne

Wine saying, “In victory, you deserve Champagne, in defeat you need it,” belongs to Napoleon Bonaparte, who knew how to win and lose. We admit that the choice of champagne as a universal remedy is only a matter of taste.

The truth is in wine

“In vino veritas” – the wine sayings is a catchphrase that makes philosophers and poets look for truth in wine since the times of deep antiquity. This phrase has acquired so many interpretations that there is no point in citing at least one more statement. Over the long history of wine drinking, no one has been able to prove the opposite.


Wine for happy people

“Antibiotics cure people, but only wine can make them happy” this phrase belongs to Alexander Fleming, the creator of Pinicelin. It is hardly possible to find any other way of completing unforgettable wine statements better suited to the current historical moment.

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