Wine bottle cooler – How do I choose a wine cooler?

White wine colder or wine cooler?

The most up-to-date meaning of a wine bottle cooler remains in the hospitality sector. To clearly compare a container full of ice and a refrigerator developed for keeping and cooling wines, restaurateurs typically refer to a wine colder as a wine cooler. It also makes a difference between the various refrigerators found in the industrial kitchen.

Since restaurateurs and head-waiters started using the “white wine colder” to define devices explicitly created for keeping and cooling wine, enthusiasts worldwide have taken on the term and started utilizing it in the same way.

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What is a wine bottle cooler?

Until the wine cooler
Wine bottles are secured and non-slip.

Wine holder’s gadgets are one- or two-zone and use either a thermoelectric element or a standard compressor system to cool the wine. Advanced versions have added features, such as the capacity to regulate moisture.

In general terms, all a wine bottle cooler has the adhering to features in common:

  • Adjustable Temperature: Whether it is a refrigerator with one or two zones, the temperature level can change the temperature level, as well as it generally varies from 42 to 65 F.
  • Removable racks: A shelf of wine coolers is made to keep bottles in the storage, precisely flat, and outfitted with cable or wooden frameworks.
  • The spacing between the shelves on a Bordeaux wine bottle’s standard size, but the racks are generally removable, enabling you to keep bigger bottles.
  • This will undoubtedly influence the power of the device.
  • A bottle of wine holders is more significant than just a fridge. They function as a display for storing and also displaying your precious white wines.
  • Nearly all white wine coolers on the marketplace have a tempered glass door that safeguards the bottles from UV rays. Permitting you to see the fridge’s components.

Wine bottle cooler Single Vs. / Dual Zone

Wine cooler with one chamber
Uniform cooling of white wine

The name of the speaks for itself. One zone wine cooler is a tool that has one cooling area.

The temperature wine cooler is kept at the same degrees in the entire setting. Such versions are generally liked by those who wish to maintain their red wines’ collection and not cool the drink before offering.

Despite the typical misconception that various white wines have different storage space demands, the reality is that both reds and whites need the same storage space temperature level, which is around 55 F.

This is because of the natural conditions of the cellar. The conventional wine cellar environment is not temperature level managed, and also winemakers have kept all red wines’ attributes for centuries by keeping them in the same domain.

It’s a little different if you intend to chill the glass of wine before offering. Red and white wine have various offering temperature levels, in which situation a two-zone wine cooler provides you two media that can be readjusted for different temperature degrees.

This feature comes in handy if you are investing in a red wine colder for a bit of liquor store or sampling area, as you will have the ability to keep multiple containers at serving temperature level at all times.

There are dozens of single and dual-zone wine bottle cooler of wine coolers on the marketplace to fit every budget plan and need.

Thermoelectric Vs. Compressor wine cooler drink

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Best under counter wine coolers

Can make an additional distinction between thermoelectric as well as compressor wine coolers. The majority of white wine fans assume the former is much better than the latter, but things are more complex.

Thermoelectric red wine cold uses thermoelectric technology to cool the wine bottle, but they do a shoddy cooling container. This technology uses a ventilation system that pushes warm air out of the refrigerator. Keeping the temperature in the wine cooler below room temperature.

Nonetheless, thermoelectric refrigerators can not maintain a continuous temperature when the room temperature exceeds 77 F because of the lack of an appropriate air conditioning system.

Compressor white wine bottle cooler fridges use the very same refrigeration technology as conventional fridges. Set the temperature level, close the door as well as allow the appliance to do the remainder. The ambient temperature does not influence the device’s temperature, which is superb if you want to maintain the temperature level constant.

When selecting between thermoelectric and the compressor wine cooler, it is tough to state that it is much better.

Thermoelectric technology is eco-friendly. The device operates silently and has marginal vibration. Compressor innovation is far from “eco-friendly,” cold is loud, and the vibration degree is more significant, harming the red wine debris.

Nonetheless, compressor technology does maintain your bottles at a continuous temperature level as well as coolness.

Bottom line

How do I choose a wine bottle cooler?

Here are some factors to consider when selecting a wine storage solution.

  • Cooler temperatures are key, but not too cool. 
  • A steady temperature is important. 
  • Light is wine’s enemy. 
  • Humidity is important but not mandatory. 
  • Store bottles on their side. 
  • The less vibration, the better.

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